NEW POLL: Gardner Underwater By 16 Points, Less Favorable Than Trump

NEW POLL: Gardner Underwater By 16 Points, Less Favorable Than Trump

Gardner Stands With Trump “100%,” Even As Coloradans Disapprove of the President’s Botched Pandemic Response 

Denver, CO – A new poll shows that Senator Cory Gardner’s approval rating is underwater by 16 points — he’s at a practically “unfathomable” 52% disapproval — and he’s even less popular than President Trump, who has essentially written off Colorado as a winnable state. 

Gardner has consistently been underwater by double digits heading into the general election, including trailing by 19 points among crucial unaffiliated voters in a previous poll. Pollsters and Colorado Republican strategists have already sounded the alarms, with the former Colorado GOP Chair saying it could be “impossible for Cory to win.

Gardner’s inaction on COVID is making his future in the Senate look even grimmer: 

  • Gardner’s approval rating is 16 points underwater — worse than Trump’s– with 52% disapproving of Gardner’s job performance.
  • Trump’s approval rating is just 40% — 15 points below water — and a majority of voters say Trump’s response to the pandemic has made them feel “less safe.”
    • Gardner has endorsed and is with the President “100%,” even refusing to criticize his response to the pandemic multiple times.
  • Over two-thirds of Colorado voters think Trump and Congress are prioritizing “campaign donors and other wealthy special interests” over working families.
  • A plurality of voters think the Paycheck Protection Program should prioritize small businesses.

Trump’s botched coronavirus response has led to record unemployment, but Gardner let the emergency unemployment insurance that 330,000 Coloradans depended on expire after spending weeks “bickering,” taking long weekends, and refusing to take up the House’s relief package that was passed nearly three months. 

But the fact that Gardner trails behind Trump in approval shows that his vulnerabilities go beyond the President — he has failed Coloradans as he has relentlessly tried to rip away their health care and eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions, all while taking the most corporate PAC money of any Colorado senator ever.

Gardner is doing himself no favors with Coloradans, as he is taking another long weekend — 79 days after he said it would be “unfathomable” to go on recess without further relief — without delivering for Coloradans depending on emergency unemployment insurance that expired and local governments and school in need of aid.