NEW POLL: Hick Leads Gardner 10 Points, Coloradans Overwhelmingly Describe Gardner As “Cowardly”

NEW POLL: Hick Leads Gardner 10 Points, Coloradans Overwhelmingly Describe Gardner As “Cowardly”

Gardner’s unwavering loyalty to Trump & special interests ahead of Coloradans seen as “significantly more accurate and more concerning than” smears against Hickenlooper

Denver, CO –  A new Global Strategy Group poll has John Hickenlooper 10 points ahead of Senator Cory Gardner, whom Coloradans overwhelmingly describe as “cowardly” for refusing to stand up to Trump’s attacks on USPS. Voters also believed Gardner is deceptive and prioritizes his loyalty to President Trump and his special interest donors ahead of standing up for our state. 

While Gardner and Mitch McConnell continue to spend millions to push lies against Hickenlooper, Coloradans see through the mudslinging and find Gardner’s allegiance to Trump  “more accurate and more concerning” than the Republicans’ smear campaign.

Other takeaways from this grim poll for Gardner: 

  • “Perceptions of Gardner as a two-faced Trump lackey harden” as they share a failing approval rating of 38%.
  • Gardner is underwater by 12% with Colorado voters, with 50% of voters having an unfavorable opinion of the vulnerable Senator.
  • Coloradans overwhelmingly believe that Gardner has pledged unwavering loyalty to Trump and special interests ahead of Coloradans. 
  • Coloradans have noticed Gardner’s silence on pressing issues and unwillingness to stand up to the president he endorsed for re-election.
  • In their own words, Coloradans “overwhelmingly choose the word ‘cowardly’ when asked to describe Gardner’s refusal to take a position” on Trump’s attacks on the USPS:

The Global Strategy Group poll comes just weeks after Morning Consult released a poll that shows Gardner trailing 29 points to Hickenlooper with unaffiliated voters, who make up more than 40% of the state’s electorate. Gardner’s favorability and support has consistently been underwater this campaign and even Republican strategists admit that it could be “impossible for Cory to win.