NEW: Republicans Freak Out About Gardner’s Slim Chances

NEW: Republicans Freak Out About Gardner’s Slim Chances

Former Colorado GOP Chair: Could Be “Impossible for Cory to Win” 

Denver, CO – A new Colorado Sun report reveals that Republicans are sounding the alarm on Senator Cory Gardner’s reelection chances, saying it could be “impossible” for him to win as he has “inextricably tied himself to the president” and all signs point to President Trump losing big in Colorado. With polling showing Trump down nearly 15 points and his campaign not investing in Colorado, Republican strategists admit that Gardner and Trump’s chances of winning Colorado are “dim.” 

Here are what Republicans and prominent strategists are saying about Gardner’s chances:

“If Trump loses by a big enough margin, it will make it impossible for Cory to win. . .that’s the brutal truth,” said Dick Wadhams, a former chair of the Colorado GOP and a top Gardner supporter.

“Jesus Christ himself couldn’t overperform Trump by double digits,” said Tyler Sandberg, a Republican operative.

“If I were a Republican running a national campaign, I wouldn’t really put much effort into Colorado, honestly. If this was a competitive national environment and the Trump campaign wanted to maybe try to expand their map from 2016, Colorado may be a target that they would look at. But as it is now, I think the Trump campaign is going to have a hard enough time shoring up states that they won in (2016),” said Miles Coleman, associate editor at Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

“If the campaign was serious about winning this state, I think we would see some ads going,” said David Flaherty, who runs the Republican polling firm Magellan Strategies, which is based in Louisville.

Gardner remains deeply unpopular in Colorado, with multiple polls showing his “approval ratings are far underwater” — especially with unaffiliated voters. And that’s because Gardner’s vulnerabilities go beyond Trump — he deceived Coloradans claiming to be an independent voice that would stand up to his party when they were wrong, but has instead stood in lockstep with the GOP trying to rip healthcare from Coloradans, gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and prioritize corporate interests before Coloradans.