Obama Dinner 2018

Please join us at the Inaugural Obama Dinner where we honor the historic contributions of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock will be the keynote speaker for the party’s Inaugural Obama Dinner.

Governor Bullock has been elected twice as the governor of Montana, winning his latest election by four points in a state that Donald Trump carried by 20 points, showing that the Democratic message resonates in rural areas. Bullock ran a progressive campaign rooted in bread-and-butter issues that matter to workers and families, like good jobs, public education, public lands and fiscal responsibility. As governor he’s delivered on these issues by working with Democrats and Republicans to make record investments in Montana’s education system, expand Medicaid and pass one of the most progressive campaign finance laws in the country.

This year will also be hosting a Statewide Candidate Forum where the early dinner arrivals (no separate charge for this event) will have an opportunity to hear the statewide candidates speak for 2-3 minutes. There will also be an opportunity mingle and ask individual questions as time permits.

Our Dinner Registration and Silent Auction begins promptly at 5:30 PM. Our VIP Reception starts at 6:00 PM and will continue up until it is time to start the dinner. Our Inaugural Obama Dinner begins at 7 pm, and we will use our dinner to kick off one of the most important mid-term elections in recent history. We must retain our Governorship, we must take back the Colorado Senate and keep the Colorado House, but we also have the great potential in winning all of the state-wide constitutional offices and taking a much bigger number of US Congressional seats. We believe that we have the power to change Colorado for the better.

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If you have questions or would like further clarification, please contact Rita Simas, Treasurer, Colorado Democratic Party directly (rsimas@coloradodems.org)