On Social Security Act Anniversary, Colorado Dems Call Out Trump’s Attacks on Program

On Social Security Act Anniversary, Colorado Dems Call Out Trump’s Attacks on Program

Denver, CO – Today, on the 85th anniversary of the Social Security Act, the Colorado Democratic Party released the following statement calling out Donald Trump’s threat to permanently eliminate the payroll taxes that fund Social Security if he wins re-election.  

Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party: 

“Four years ago, Donald Trump pledged to the American people that he would defend Social Security. But as President, Trump has repeatedly attacked this critical lifeline, which helps nearly 900,000 Coloradans make ends meet. Now, he’s exploiting a public health crisis to wage war on Social Security. Seniors are already bearing the brunt of Trump’s failed coronavirus response, and now Trump is making the crisis worse by going after their pocketbooks. Colorado families deserve better. Come November, we’ll reject Trump’s record of broken promises, and elect a leader who will fight to protect Social Security and boost benefits for retirees. That leader is Joe Biden.” 

Carolyn Boller, Chair of the CDP Senior Initiative:

“The social security benefits received by senior citizens recirculates and puts billions of dollars into the US economy — taking those benefits away from Social Security recipients will not only hurt the livelihood of senior citizens and families but the economy as well. As a recipient of Social Security and its benefits, and on behalf of Colorado seniors, today is the day to contact your elected officials and call on them to protect Social Security from Donald Trump.” 


Promise: Trump repeatedly promised that he would protect Social Security and Medicare. At his 2016 campaign launch, Trump said he would “save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts.” 

  • Reality: Social Security is a critical lifeline for more than 897,000 Coloradans who rely on it to make ends meet. But Trump is exploiting a public health crisis to gut Social Security — right when older Coloradans need help the most.
  • Reality: Trump pledged to pursue a permanent cut to the payroll taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare if he wins reelection in November.
  • Reality: Trump has repeatedly failed to live up to his promise not to touch Social Security. Trump’s FY21 budget called for $24 billion in cuts to Social Security programs. And Trump’s FY20 budget proposed $26 billion in cuts to Social Security programs. 

Promise: Trump promised his Administration was taking “unprecedented steps” to protect America’s seniors from the coronavirus. [Trump, 4/30/20]  

  • Reality: Individuals age 65 or older account for Approximately 80% of deaths due to COVID-19
  • Reality: Colorado is home rough 16,000 nursing home residents. As of May, Colorado nursing homes reported over 2,000 coronavirus cases among residents.