#ResignBoebert Goes Viral — Trends on Twitter with 23K+ Tweets

#ResignBoebert Goes Viral — Trends on Twitter with 23K+ Tweets

Denver, CO – The Colorado Democratic Party released the following statements from party leaders in response to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert going viral today with over 23,000 people tweeting for her resignation:

Kevin Kuns, Chair of the Montrose Democratic Party:

“Lauren Boebert is embarrassing our district. I did not vote for her, but I had hoped as her constituent that Boebert would prioritize protecting the Constitution and helping the people of our district. Instead, Boebert has shown zero interest in upholding the Constitution and has put other people’s freedom to vote in her crosshairs by trying to overturn the results of a free and fair election. Whether Boebert’s actions were willful ignorance or purposeful insurrection to overthrow a democracy, I agree with the tens of thousands of people who tweeted #ResignBoebert today — Boebert must resign. Our district deserves better.”

Bri Buentello, State Representative HD47 (Pueblo)

“The congresswoman has conducted herself in a manner that is both un-American and beneath the dignity of the office she holds. Lauren Boebert can’t say she’s for freedom and the Constitution while standing with a seditious mob and tweeting ‘Today is 1776’ to encourage the rioters in the U.S. Capitol. I say this as a mom, a patriot, and a proud American: the peaceful transfer of power is one of the most important hallmarks of our democratic republic, and Lauren Boebert’s complicity in the attempt to stop that peaceful transfer of power disqualifies her from holding her office.” 

Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party:

“The nation was introduced to two very different Colorado members of Congress last week. Jason Crow, who stepped up as a hero and put his Army Ranger training to use to protect his colleagues, and Lauren Boebert, whose peddling of disinformation and dangerous conspiracies contributed to the attempted coup at the Capitol last week. The fact Lauren Boebert seems more upset about House Democrats rightly pursuing a second impeachment of President Trump than she is about an unlawful Pro-Trump mob causing a riot that killed five people says all we need to know about her priorities.

“If Lauren Boebert were a true patriot as she claimed to be, she would respect the peaceful transfer of power that is a signature part of our Constitution, end her continued peddling of conspiracy theories, and get to work for her constituents. If she will not, Lauren Boebert should immediately resign.”