Advocate – Federal

Become An Advocate – Federal

1. Contact the White House and Cabinet Members

2. Block Trump’s Executive Orders

  • Sue for constitutionality to block
  • Help the organizations or individuals that can do this –
    • Exceeds Article II Authority
    • Violates Other Individual Constitutional Rights

3. Block Trump’s Dangerous Nominees

  • Contact the members of the U.S. Senate on the Senate committee with a vote –
  • Contact your own U.S. Senators with a vote
  • Urge a “no” vote
  • Support our U.S. Senators’ use of filibuster
  • Contact your congressional member – call, fax, email, show up at their office, show up at their community events and town halls.

4. Challenge the Trump’s New Rules and/or Repeal of Obama’s Rules

  • Citizen Testimony in Rulemaking
  • Sue for failure to follow APA
  • Sign up to get notices –
  • Process Not Followed
  • Exceeds Scope
  • Violates Constitution or Federal Statute

5. Help Shape Legislation

  • Proactive Legislation
    • Find area of common ground with some members and coalition build
    • Find and cultivate unusual allies around key issues
    • Email, call, petitions, media op ed to support
  • Defensive Legislation
    • Engage to Prevent harmful legislation
    • Email, call, petition, write op-eds to oppose
    • Find and cultivate unusual allies around key issues
    • Amend bad legislation: e.g. Congressman Polis on Rules Committee
    • Defund bad bills through the budget
    • Sue to block implementation

6. Show Up at Elected Officials’ Offices

  • If phone calls, petitions, and emails aren’t getting through, show up to an elected officials’ office (with press) and ask to be heard.

7. Work with Unions and Trade Associations

  • If you are or were active in any union or professional trade associations, they may be able to provide a different voice to oppose harmful measures. Consider lending your support to their efforts.

8. Work Within the Courts

  • Sue to block harmful executive orders, rules, and legislation in key venues
  • Donate to progressive non-profits with legal infrastructure to challenge bad legislation
  • If you are an attorney volunteer pro bono for legal work with those groups.
  • Most federal courts have Obama appointees, and the courts played a significant role in the civil rights movement.