Ron Hanks Makes National News on Jan. 6 Anniversary for Campaigning on Big Lie

Ron Hanks Makes National News on Jan. 6 Anniversary for Campaigning on Big Lie

“Asked why he is still spreading debunked conspiracies, Hanks says nothing has been debunked”

Denver, COColorado Republicans’ plan of staying radio silent on the anniversary of the insurrection failed when leading GOP Senate candidate Ron Hanks made national news for attending the insurrection last year, suing the Secretary of State over the results of the 2020 election, and running on the Big Lie. This is all part of an extreme agenda that is out of step with Colorado. 

Hanks also put out an unhinged letter ahead of the anniversary, doubling down on his commitment to the Big Lie and earning mentions in various state news outlets.

Hanks was interviewed by CNN and mentioned in CBS News, 9News Denver, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Colorado Newsline, 5280 Magazine, Axios Denver, and the Colorado Times Recorder

Watch and read highlights from the national coverage below: 

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Transcript Excerpts:

[00:00] JAKE TAPPER: Trump allies are still pressuring local election officials to revisit the past election and to recount the 2020 vote as CNN’s Sarah Murray reports. There are a lot of people running for office and observers are concerned that they want to make it easier to overturn election victories that they don’t like, in the future.

[00:22] RON HANKS AD: I’m Ron Hanks, and I approve this message

[00:23] SARAH MURRAY: US Senate hopeful Ron Hanks is shooting at fake Dominion voting machines and calling for an audit in Colorado. A state Joe Biden won in 2020 by more than 13 points. In Liberal Washington State. A local Republican Party is knocking on doors trying to uncover voter fraud.

[01:54] MURRAY: Efforts to undermine confidence in election results began in hotly contested battleground states. But have since ballooned into a nationwide crusade. In Colorado, election officials like Justin Grantham are aware of Hank’s ad.

02:12] MURRAY: But State Representative Hanks rebuffed offers to learn about the voting systems. firsthand.

[02:16] GRANTHAM: I have extended multiple offers for him to come into my office and talk to me about the election. He’s not responded and not come in.

[02:30] MURRAY: Hanks told CNN, he appreciates the offers, but he did his own research.

[02:34] HANKS: I didn’t really need it. I was at other locations and so that made it rather redundant.

[02:41] MURRAY: Asked why he is still spreading debunked conspiracies, Hank says nothing has been debunked.

[02:46] HANKS: I think that is a false argument. We have found evidence and it is compounding daily.


CBS News: Over 30 people who rallied in Washington on January 6, 2021 are running for state and federal offices

Hanks said he was outside of the east side of the Capitol, and claims the federal government put “commandos” and instigators in the crowd of protesters. He is suing Colorado Secretary of State Jen Griswold in order to establish a third-party audit of the state’s elections. 

“I’m not hiding from that – it was something I was drawn to do, as was going to the Arizona audit. I’ll talk about those things to anybody,” he responded, when asked if he brings up his January 6 experience on the campaign trail. He also noted that he has encountered Colorado voters that were in Washington that day.