SPEAKER BOEBERT? 1st Term Congresswoman Already Eyeing Promotion?

SPEAKER BOEBERT? 1st Term Congresswoman Already Eyeing Promotion?

Continuing her pattern of dodging local press and sticking with far-right media outlets, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert joined Newsmax for an interview yesterday and made another round of interesting comments. At the end of the interview though, the first-term Congresswoman casually mentioned her future ambitions unprompted:

“But, you know, maybe one day when I’m Speaker of the House, my first action will be to take those metal detectors and use them as target practice.”

Yep, you read that right. Congresswoman Boebert — who hasn’t passed a single bill or made a single accomplishment for her district in her first term — apparently wants to be Speaker of the House already. 

It’s no secret, considering her multiple trips to Mar-a-Lago to rub elbows with major donors, or doing appearances in Pennsylvania and Ohio, that Congresswoman Boebert loves the political game. But the fact the Congresswoman, with no victories for her district to her name, would openly look to climb the political ladder is eyebrow-raising.

Congresswoman Boebert already has one GOP colleague in support of her campaign to be Speaker.

David Pourshoushtari, Communications Director of the Colorado Democratic Party:

“Congresswoman Boebert has been on the job for less than six months and has accomplished nothing, yet she’s already asking for a promotion? Like a true sell-out politician, Congresswoman Boebert has her eyes set on climbing the career politician ladder and not on the needs of her district. Boebert’s constituents deserve a representative who will actually prioritize issues like protecting their water and public lands, not another career politician who is all talk and no action.”