STATEMENT: Gardner Still Doesn’t Say If He’d Vote Against Trump’s Tariffs

STATEMENT: Gardner Still Doesn’t Say If He’d Vote Against Trump’s Tariffs

All talk, no action as Gardner still refuses to say how he would vote

A new report reveals that Senator Cory Gardner is tying his supposed objections to President Trump’s tariff on imports from Mexico to the disastrous 2017 Republican tax law, noting that “a number of Republican senators are warning the president they would vote to overturn the new levies, though Gardner has not explicitly said he would go that far.”

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Alyssa Roberts released the following statement in response:

“First Cory Gardner voted for a massive giveaway to corporations and the wealthy, and now he’s trying to use that disastrous tax bill to justify his supposed opposition to President Trump’s tariff on Mexico. Colorado will see right through this: Gardner is trying to have it both ways, tip-toeing around an issue that could devastate our economy to avoid upsetting the man he has endorsed for reelection. If Gardner won’t even push the Senate to take a vote on the president’s reckless tariff, how can Coloradans trust that he won’t cave just like he did on Trump’s first costly and ineffective national emergency?”

The Greeley Tribune reports that the tariff’s impact on Colorado’s economy could be “devastating,” affecting more than $1.5 billion in imports. When Colorado Politics asked Gardner about the issue yesterday, he refused to comment.

Congress’ failure to overcome support from Republicans like Gardner and block Trump’s national emergency has emboldened him to threaten these new tariffs. Mexico is Colorado’s third largest source of imports, and the new 5 percent tariff is set to go into effect on Monday.