Three Simple Reasons Gardner’s Re-Election is Doomed in November

Three Simple Reasons Gardner’s Re-Election is Doomed in November

  1. Gardner is With Trump “100%” on Their Toxic Agenda to Gut the Health Care Law and Roll Back Environmental Protections 

    Senator Cory Gardner has voted with President Trump an astonishing 98% of the time, confirmed the president’s unqualified right-wing appointees, and has been a rubber stamp for Trump’s agenda to gut health care protections for people with pre-existing conditions, roll back public lands protections, and put politicians between patients and doctors. Gardner has proved to be a loyal soldier to Trump, refusing to “criticize Trump directly” or hold him accountable for inflammatory rhetoric, a botched response to coronavirus, or even utter a word after peaceful protesters were tear-gassed for Trump to stage a political photo op. A majority of unaffiliated voters think that Gardner “puts his loyalty to Donald Trump ahead of Colorado.”
  1. Gardner’s “Approval Ratings Are Far Underwater,” Sinking Below Trump’s

    There is a good reason Gardner is seen as the most vulnerable Republican senator this election year:Multiple polls show that Gardner’s “approval ratings are far underwater” at 37 percent — making him even less popular than President Trump, who lost Colorado in 2016. Gardner’s favorability is underwater by double-digits after he’s spent his time in Washington voting repeatedly to take away Coloradans’ health care and failed to be an independent voice for the state.  A majority of Colorado’s unaffiliated voters — who make up the plurality of the electorate — think that these describe Gardner “well”: “Does what his special interest donors tell him to,” “Spineless”, and “Dishonest.”
  1. Colorado Electorate Has Changed & The 2014 Republican Wave Gardner Rode is Unlikely to Be Repeated

    In 2014, Republicans held a 52,836 active voter advantage, but now they’re looking at a deficit of 83,022 active voters. Unlike 2014, pollsters suggest 2020 will be a similar voter turnout in Colorado as 2018, in which Democrats had a record year, sweeping all statewide elections.

After pledging to be an independent voice who will stand up to his party when they are wrong, Gardner has proven to be a lapdog to President Trump and Mitch McConnell– and that’ll cement his defeat come November.