Trump, Republicans Celebrating? New Jobs Report Shows 21 Million Unemployed, 13.3% Jobless Rate

Trump, Republicans Celebrating? New Jobs Report Shows 21 Million Unemployed, 13.3% Jobless Rate

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported grim numbers, with the national unemployment rate at 13.3% and 21 million people still unemployed. The report painted a worse picture for communities of color, with Black Americans facing a near-record high unemployment rate of 16.8%, Asian Americans facing 15% unemployment, and Latino Americans facing 17.6% unemployment.

With Colorado dealing with the fallout of Donald Trump’s botched federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic, working families across our state are seeing the highest unemployment rate since 1976. From Colorado, Trump’s failed stewardship of the economy is even more glaring with our state’s unemployment rate going from a record low of 2.5% to a record high of 11.3%.

Yet, when Colorado has needed its leaders in Washington to support our local economy and small businesses, what has Donald Trump been doing?

Meanwhile, Colorado’s economy and small businesses are struggling under Trump’s incompetence.

This is par for the course, considering that Trump and his enabler Cory Gardner passed a massive tax giveaway that helps the wealthiest and leaves lower-income Coloradans with the bill. Luckily for Colorado, while Trump has failed to act, Democrats in the state legislature have introduced a package to assist families and small businesses

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll released the following statement:

“Donald Trump was handed a growing economy that had seen the longest streak of job growth in American history, and his profound incompetence and ineptitude have crashed our economy into the ground. Thanks to Donald Trump’s bungled response to a global pandemic, and his enablers like Cory Gardner, Colorado families are faced with a crumbling economy, 21 million people unemployed nationally, and no real plan from the Oval Office to fix this problem of Trump’s making. Coloradans knew Donald Trump would be the disaster he has been as President — that’s why we rejected him in 2016, and that’s why we’ll vote him out in November.”