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Join the Precinct Organizer Program

Join our grassroots army to help keep Colorado blue in 2022 and defeat extremists across the State. There is no better organizer for your neighborhood than you!

Social Media Amplifier

1)Like us on Facebook and Instagram 

2)Share our content on your own page and make a comment

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Colorado Conversations

Tell 3 people about our Colorado Conversations online Townhalls and register here for "Affordable Housing" at 6pm on November 11.

Video Campaign Ad

We are looking for Dems in every County to send us a short( 30 to 90 seconds) video selfie telling their story. Use any of the following prompts : "I vote Democrat because..." or "I am a Dem because..." or "I volunteer because.."

We will compile all the videos together into  impactful ads to inspire others to vote in 2022.

For more information and to send your video please email karin@coloradodems.org

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T-shirt Design Contest

Let your creativity run wild. Design the progressive t-shirt your friends will all want to buy.
Draw, paint, use Canva or photoshop.
Ask your kids or your great-grandparents to show their artistic skills.
Submit your designs by December 26 2021.
The winning design will be featured in our online store during the month of December.

Calls to Precinct Organizers

We are gearing up for a critical 2022 midterm election. The new maps are very competitive. Having Precinct Organizers in every precinct is key to winning elections. We are calling precinct organizers across the State to make sure they will run again at Caucus in March 2022. If they can't, we will have enough time to recruit new organizers. Can you commit to making calls to 25 Precinct Organizers?

Letters to the Editor

Colorado is home to over 100 newspapers across the state in our 64 counties, and Letters to the Editor are one of the best ways to communicate to voters!


Give us your opinion on issues on voterfied and ask 3 friends to do the same.

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Build Community

Reach out to your Precinct Organizer and offer to help organize a social event to bring your neighbors together.

  • Ice cream social
  • Block Party
  • Park Cleanup
  • Volunteer as a group at a local food bank, school, retirement community, shelter etc

Share your photos with karin@coloradodems.org to inspire others!

Support your Precinct Organizer

Precinct Organizers are tasked with making sure all the Dems in their precinct are well informed about elections, candidates and do not forget to vote. They also reach out to left leaning unaffiliated voters to get them engaged with the party. 

There are about 3000 precincts in Colorado! Our goal is to make sure there are local organizers in each precinct. 

Please make sure to connect with your PO (formerly PCP) to offer your help. They can always use some support. If your precinct does not have a PO you can reach out to your county chair to become one. We will provide training and support and you will make new friends along the way. If you need contact information email me at karin@coloradodems.org