Want to see your Congresswoman? That’ll be $10K for You and a Guest!

Want to see your Congresswoman? That’ll be $10K for You and a Guest!

Rep. Lauren Boebert Ditches Constituents, Will Headline High-Dollar Fundraiser in Palm Beach Tonight

Denver, CO – Late Friday night, Politico’s Marc Caputo tweeted an image of an invitation to a $10,600/couple fundraiser tonight for Utah U.S. Senator Mike Lee at Mar-a-Lago. Among the headliners is Colorado’s own Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Since Congresswoman Boebert was sworn into office, her activity has been long on publicity stunts and mean-spirited tweets while short on delivering COVID relief for her constituents. As of today, Congresswoman Boebert has not scheduled any town hall meetings in her district, nor has she introduced legislation to help the people of Congressional District 3 with issues like rural access to health care or high-speed broadband. Yet, she can make time this month to rub elbows with wealthy donors, and hang out with the political elite in Florida not just once, but twice.

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson David Pourshoushtari:

“It sure didn’t take long for Congresswoman Boebert to ditch her constituents for rich donors in Palm Beach. Instead of announcing town halls in any of her 29 counties or delivering COVID relief to her district, Congresswoman Boebert is rubbing elbows at a fancy fundraiser that costs $10,600/couple to attend. People in Congressional District 3 deserve a congressperson who will actually address issues they face, like limited access to health care or schools that have broken heaters and textbooks with missing pages. With Congresswoman Boebert, all they’re getting is a media-seeking showboat who demonstrates zero interest in actually doing her job.”