WATCH: Cory Gardner’s Last Major Interview Spooks Voters, Shows He’s Skeleton of A Senator With No Guts

WATCH: Cory Gardner’s Last Major Interview Spooks Voters, Shows He’s Skeleton of A Senator With No Guts

FOX31: “Does it send the right message to go to Florida and Disney World for a political fundraiser during the pandemic?”

Denver, CO In a horrifyingly rare occurrence, Senator Cory Gardner talked to a local reporter yesterday — but on brand, Gardner refused to take responsibility for his failing record in Washington, dodging questions on health care, flip-flopping on the Supreme Court vacancy, failing to deliver pandemic relief, and more. Gardner was also called out for planning to take his wealthy corporate PAC donors on a post-election getaway to Disney World instead of working to pass desperately needed pandemic relief, which Mitch McConnell has said the Senate will give up on until 2021

Gardner has avoided talking to local reporters and constituents at all cost — even refusing to host a public in-person town hall for over three years — and we know why: Gardner won’t own up to his record of trying to rip away half a million Coloradans’ health care during a pandemic, ramming Trump’s Supreme Court nominee through eight days before the election, and standing with President Trump 100% of the time through his botched pandemic response. 

WATCH Gardner’s inability to defend his failing record and unwavering allegiance to Trump in an interview with KDVR:

Here are a few of the scariest moments:

DISNEY WORLD: Gardner fails to explain why he is going to Disney World to rake in cash from his special interest donors after the election instead of working on pandemic relief.

FOX31: “Does it send the right message to go to Florida and Disney world for a political fundraiser during the pandemic?”

GARDNER: “Well, I think there’s fundraisers that happen every single day.”

HEALTH CARE: Gardner continues to spew debunked lies on his health care record and sham bill that wouldn’t actually protect people with pre-existing conditions. When confronted with his record, Gardner refused to give a straight answer.

FOX 31: “You have voted against the Affordable Care Act and to repeal it a couple of times. It has given half a million people here in Colorado insurance because of the Medicaid expansion, because of the marketplace. What do you say to those people who are concerned that they could flat out lose their coverage in a pandemic?”

FOX 31: “In the past couple of years, it seems that it has always been ‘we just want to repeal the Affordable Care Act.’ There hasn’t been a new proposal or a way to improve the Affordable Care Act?”

TRUMP: Gardner couldn’t explain why he believes Trump is “moral and ethical” now, despite questioning Trump’s morality in 2016.

FOX31: “Four years ago on President Trump, you said this of him: ‘he’s a candidate whose flaws are beyond mere moral shortcomings and show a disgust for the American character and disdain for dignity unbecoming of the presidency.’ Yet this year you are supporting him. In a debate the other day when asked if he’s a moral and ethical man you said ‘yes’ — what changed?”

Gardner: “Well look, I desperately wanted to beat Hillary Clinton four years ago.”

SCOTUS: Gardner failed to justify breaking his word and voting to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee eight days before an election, despite saying in 2016 that the election was too soon months earlier.

FOX31: “Yet four years ago, eight months before the election, when there was an opening, you said this, ‘our next election is too soon, the stakes are too high. The American people deserve a role in this process, as a next Supreme Court Justice will influence the direction of this country for years to come.’ Could the same not be said this time around why did you change your mind?”

FOX31: “Some people say if you look back to what you said in 2016 about confirming a justice in an election year, you changed your mind this year.”

FOX31: “But you also said it was simply too close to an election, so I guess the question — how can people make sure that you are not going to change your mind again on a major issue like this?”