We Don’t Know If Gardner Will Be At RNC, But He’s Still With Trump “100%”

We Don’t Know If Gardner Will Be At RNC, But He’s Still With Trump “100%”

Like RNC’s “platform,” Gardner is with Trump “100%” at the expense of Coloradans

Denver, CO – We don’t know whether Senator Cory Gardner will attend the GOP convention kicking off today, but his allegiance to the President is still “100%” whether or not he shows up at the Trump-centered event. Instead of putting out a policy platform, the RNC has instead pledged their party’s undying support to President Trump’s toxic agenda.

Here are eight questions Gardner needs to answer as the RNC convention kicks off:

  1. Does Gardner support the RNC platform that omits any policy and instead pledges unwavering support for President Trump?
  2. Does Gardner agree that Trump has “protected us from a worldwide pandemic” — as GOP Chair Ken Buck announced when he gave Gardner a shout-out and pledged Colorado’s delegates to Trump — despite the country passing 175,000 unnecessary COVID deaths?
  3. Since Gardner’s sham bill is “horse excrement” and would still allow insurance companies to deny coverage, what is his plan for the 2.4 million Coloradans who could lose protections for their pre-existing conditions if the lawsuit he backs to repeal the ACA succeeds?
  4. Does Gardner support Trump’s order to defund Social Security and Medicare — two lifelines for seniors during the pandemic — in exchange for a corporate tax cut?
  5. Why did Gardner leave Washington without passing any further COVID relief, despite small businesses “struggling,” schools left underprepared, and hundreds of thousands of Coloradans losing emergency unemployment insurance?
  6. Why won’t Gardner speak out against the Trump Administration’s transparent effort to undermine the election by dismantling the USPS and Trump’s baseless attacks on vote by mail and drop boxes?
  7. Since Trump has embraced QAnon conspiracy theories, does Gardner support the unfounded conspiracies as well?
  8. Will Gardner speak up on the importance of conservation and public lands during RNC, or continue to stay silent?