African American – Home Page

Shenika Carter, Chair
Hashim Coates, 1st Vice-Chair
Alvin Allen, 2nd Vice-Chair
Vacant, Secretary
Shayla Richard, Treasurer

Rural Initiative – Home Page

Terrance Hestand, Chair
Greg Liverman, Co-Vice Chair
Emily Tracey, Co-Vice Chair
Mary Dodd, Secretary
Sam Brewer, Treasurer
Carol Cure, Legislative Officer/Liaison

Stonewall – Home Page & Facebook

Dalton Zuber, Chair | 720-841-4491
Jeremy VanHooser, 1st Vice Chair | (720) 982-4192
Jared Bynum, 2nd Vice Chair| 303-947-4584
Vacant, 2nd Vice Chair
Matthew Winterholler, Secretary | 303-670-2163
Vacant, Treasurer

Energy and Environmental Initiative – Facebook

Conor May, Co-Chair
Marie Venner, Co-Chair
Thomas Lundy, Secretary & Outreach
Sandra Horrocks, Treasurer
Charles Buckham, At-Large Member
Allison Burchell, At-Large Member
Nicholas Monck, At-Large Member

Education Initiative – Facebook

Tim Kubik, Chair | (720) 219-0268
John Myers, Vice Chair | (303) 961-8248
Evie Hudak, Secretary | (303) 423-8569
Sue Marinelli, Treasurer

Dems with Disabilities – Home Page & Facebook

Terrance Hestand, Chair
Michael Neil, 2nd Vice Chair
Andrea Duran-Carpenter, 2nd Vice Chair 303-517-4114|
Allison Coombs, Treasurer | (303) 562-4143

Progressive Dems – Website & Facebook


Mike McCorkle, Chair
Dennis Obduskey, Vice-Chair | (720) 432-DEMS (3367)
Terry Tucker, Secretary | (720) 275-9536
Diane Tipton, Treasurer | (303) 431-1688

Colorado Young Dems  Home Page

Morgan Watters, Chair
Jeremy Van Hooser, Vice-Chair
Karl Taylor, Communications Director
Lucy Olena, Finance Director
Allina Robertson, Chapter Building Director
Emily Sheridan, National Committeeperson
Jerad Sutton, National Committeeperson

Labor Initiative – Home Page

Mike Kenney, Chair | (303) 475-2920
Vacant, 1st Vice Chair
Vacant, 2nd Vice Chair
Sergio Gonzales, Secretary
Allen Weisheit, Treasurer | (303) 554-7289

Latino Initiative – Facebook

Mannie Lopez, Chair
Gil Reyes, 1st Vice Chair
Mike Lopez, 2nd Vice Chair
Fred Sandoval, Treasurer
Margaret Atencio, Secretary

Asian American Pacific Islander Initiative – Facebook

Howard Chou, Chair/Secretary/Treasurer
Susmita Saha, 1st Vice Chair
Kenny Nguyen , 2nd Vice Chair

Veterans Initiative – Facebook

Matthew Perry, Chair
David Ortiz, Vice Chair
Elaine Lewers, Secretary

Women’s Initiative – Facebook

Karen Middleton, Chair/Founder

Native American Initiative – Facebook

Richard Henson, Chair
Mateo Parsons, 1st Vice Chair
Xochitl Gaytan Advisor

Seniors Initiative

Carolyn Boller, Chair/Founder
Brenda Ennis, 1st Vice Chair
Ana Maria Peters-Ruddick, Secretary

Colorado FAITHful Democrats – Facebook

Jill Wildenberg, Chair/Founder

TABOR Reform Initiative – Facebook

Barrett Rothe, Chair