Where do GOP Senate Candidates Stand On Michael Bennet’s Historic Tax Cut for the Middle Class?

Where do GOP Senate Candidates Stand On Michael Bennet’s Historic Tax Cut for the Middle Class?

On the second monthly anniversary majority of Republican candidates remain silent on expanded Child Tax Credit

Denver, CO – Last month Republican Senate Candidate Erik Aadland went on right wing radio and voiced his strong opposition to the popular expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC). 

The problem for Republicans like Aadland is that the expanded CTC is a tax cut for middle class families, Colorado families are already reaping the benefits of Senator Bennet’s CTC, and polling shows the program is incredibly popular. On the day that the second monthly payments go out to Colorado families, and knowing the law is set to expire at the end of 2021, Coloradans need to know where their candidates stand.

The expanded Child Tax Credit is giving middle class families the opportunity to get ahead, and yet a majority of Republican candidates are sitting on the sidelines. Will Eli Bremer, Peter Yu, and Juli Henry buck Mitch McConnell and support renewing a historic tax cut for the middle class, or will they join Erik Aadland in opposing it?” – Nico Delgado, Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson. 

According to Census Bureau data, after the first payment families started to experience a decline in economic hardship. The data also found that 47% of families spent the money on food and 17% of families with a child under 5 used it for childcare. A poll from Navigator shows 65% of Americans support expanding the CTC and making it permanent. 

On Monday, the Colorado GOP listed “combating child poverty” as an issue they want to tackle in their “Commitment to Colorado.” Aadland also tweeted that he is proud to fully support this so-called “commitment.” If they are touting this new priority, then why have the majority of Republican candidates stayed silent on a policy that would cut nationwide child poverty nearly in half this year alone?



[39:07] AADLAND: I mean, look at Michael Bennet’s child tax credit. This is one example of a socialist policy that is buying votes, right? […] These kinds of policies are destructive to the economy.

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