Where is Eli Bremer?

Where is Eli Bremer?

Bremer Nowhere to Be Found In Colorado Three Weeks After Campaign Launch

Denver, COToday marks three weeks since failed GOP insider Eli Bremer announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate on Fox News and he has yet to hold a public campaign event in Colorado or in his stomping grounds, El Paso County. Instead of meeting with Coloradans to talk about his candidacy, Bremer is doubling down on his hateful rhetoric towards trans athletes and flirting with insurrection on Twitter.

While Bremer is avoiding his turbulent history with the El Paso County GOP, his opponent Erik Aadland cozied up with Trump loyalist Mike Pompeo at Beaver Creek last Friday.

If Bremer is intending to run statewide, then why is he avoiding Coloradans? Here are two reasons. 

  • Bremer wants to have it both ways on Donald Trump – he’s openly bragging about Trump’s support on Twitter while hiding from questions about whether he’ll follow Trump’s lead.
    • “A lifelong Republican, Bremer supported and worked on Trump’s successful 2016 campaign for the White House. While acknowledging that Trump is the most influential Republican in the country, Bremer demurred on whether the former president is the leader of the GOP.” [8.10.21]
  • Bremer doesn’t want to confront members in his own party.
    • 2020: Eli Bremer publicly feuded with current El Paso County GOP Chair Vickie Tonkins. Bremer claimed he took issue with Tonkins leadership and “competence.” Tonkins alleged her critics had “‘unwittingly involved yourselves in a retaliation scheme that, to quote Justice Clarence Thomas, ‘is a high-tech lynching’ that was designed by Eli Bremer to cover up his corruption and keep me from speaking out against it.” She also called Bremer a “moral cancer” and “evil thug.”