Will Gardner Include CORE Act in Public Lands Bill — Or Leave Colorado Behind Again?

Will Gardner Include CORE Act in Public Lands Bill — Or Leave Colorado Behind Again?

As Gardner Attempts to Greenwash His Record, He Still Won’t Support House-Passed Bill to Protect 400,000 Acres in Colorado 

Denver, CO – While Senator Cory Gardner tries to greenwash his record of selling out our public lands and gutting environmental protections, he is still refusing to support the CORE Act, despite widespread grassroots support. The CORE Act — a major wilderness bill authored by U.S. Senator Michael Bennet and cosponsored by U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse — would protect more than 400,000 acres in Colorado. The bill passed the House last fall, and Bennet filed it as an amendment to the Great American Outdoors Act, legislation under consideration this week. However, it is “unlikely to see the light of day in the Senate” without Gardner’s support.

Will Gardner include the CORE Act in the public lands bill, or will he leave Colorado behind yet again?

Coloradans are “disturbed” with Gardner’s refusal to support the CORE Act and have demanded that he “step up for Colorado’s interests” to help pass the legislation that was “created in Colorado, by Coloradans, to conserve Colorado.” Designation of new Colorado wilderness got left out in the last major public lands bill to pass the Senate, too. 

Gardner’s election-year attempt to “build green credentials” won’t overshadow his public lands record — including his votes to cut millions from the LWCF as recently as 2018 and virtually eliminate funding for the program. Gardner has supported Trump’s anti-environment agenda, voting for nominees who’ve overseen the largest rollback of protected public lands in U.S. history, dismantled efforts to fight climate change, and gutted clean water protections.

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen:

“Once again, Senator Cory Gardner is trying to deceive Coloradans, this time to greenwash his abysmal environmental record just in time for the election. Gardner has worked in lockstep with President Trump against new Colorado wilderness, to roll back protections for clean air and water, and to undermine efforts to combat climate change. While local leaders in Colorado have worked for over a decade to pass the CORE Act, Gardner continues to be a puppet for his party leaders and refuses to deliver.”