YIKES: Gardner Thinks Trump is “Moral and Ethical”

YIKES: Gardner Thinks Trump is “Moral and Ethical”

Denver, CO In last night’s final U.S. Senate debate, Senator Cory Gardner cemented his undying loyalty to President Trump, saying that he thinks Trump is “moral and ethical. Despite an avalanche of evidence showing Trump has acted both unethically and immorally — downplaying a “deadly” virus, bragging about sexual assault, calling wounded soldiers “losers” and “suckers,” saying white supremacists were “very fine people,” and separating families at the border, just to name a few — Gardner refuses to criticize the president, a trope Coloradans have become accustomed to.

Take a look at the damning exchange for yourself:

In his 2014 campaign, Gardner notoriously said that he would call out his party when they were wrong, but chose to instead endorse the GOP and Trump’s unprecedented immoral and reprehensible behavior. We are sure it is just a matter of time until Gardner gets another signature Trump Twitter stamp of approval.  

Gardner’s glowing compliments of Trump caught the attention of reporters, who gave it a scathing review:

Sentinel Colorado: “Besides Trump, no one can realistically believe he is. Ethical and moral people don’t lie, every day, usually many times in a day. Ethical and moral people don’t try to blackmail other foreign leaders for personal political gain. Moral people don’t brag about sex assaults. They don’t cheat on their wives and taxes. They don’t wink at white supremacists. Upstanding guys don’t pay porn stars for sex and then throw hush money at them. They don’t slur women for being women or make fun of war heroes and disabled people.”

Colorado Politics: “Unfortunately for Gardner, the impression that could outlast most memories of Tuesday’s debate could be the simple ‘yes’ he offered when asked during a round of yes-no questions if he considers President Donald Trump to be a moral and ethical person.”

AP: “Gardner rescinded his endorsement of Trump in 2016 after the release of the Access Hollywood tape, saying he was ashamed of the then-candidate boasting of sexual assault. But he has endorsed Trump this time around, which has become a central issue in Gardner’s reelection campaign. At the close of the hourlong debate, Gardner was asked, as a yes or no question, whether he thought Trump was moral and ethical. ‘Yes,’ Gardner said, quickly adding ‘I wish he could be more specific in his communications with the American people.’”

CPR: “It was followed up with whether they believe President Donald Trump is a moral and ethical man. Hickenlooper answered ‘No.’ Gardner said, ‘Yes’ before continuing, ‘I wish he would be more specific in his communications to the American people.’”

Denver Post: “Faced with pointed questions about President Donald Trump, whom Gardner has endorsed, the senator said the president is moral and ethical but must do a better job communicating with the American people.”